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About Us

“Providing opportunities for those involved in corruption prevention and fraud control to learn from each other”

The CPN came into being when practitioners together with officers from the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) and Audit Office began meeting to consider how best to address systemic issues repeatedly exposed in internal and external investigations. The release of the NSW Audit Office’s Fraud Control Guide in 1994 provided additional momentum.

The "NSW Public Sector Fraud Prevention Committee" was formed in late 1994. This collective of practitioners and interested parties began meeting to network and share information and experiences in dealing with the challenges of fraud control. Its first Forum was held on 6 April 1995 and its first newsletter issued in May 1995.

In June 1996 the ICAC published its Practical Guide to Corruption Prevention. The Committee embraced this expanded focus and remodelled itself, through various name changes over a number of years,and ultimately became the Corruption Prevention Network (CPN).

The CPN became an incorporated body in 1998 and it operates through an organising committee of elected volunteers.

Membership was initally mainly public sector but the CPN has broadened its scope. The CPN encourages private sector and not for profit members to join and participate.

The CPN achieves its mission by:

  • Conducting an annual forum
  • Hosting free seminars for members
  • Holding hot topic events 
  • Maintaining a web site
  • Operating an e-mail forum as a discussion and information exchange
  • Establishing strategic links with other organisations whose interests align with the CPN's mission
  • Electing a Committee to develop and implement a yearly business plan.

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