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HIH is the yarn today, but what's the real, long-term solution to the collapse of ethics among big-end-of-town accountants, lawyers and actuaries? They're the professionals involved who are meant to have duties separate to those of the companies they service. Higher duties. The workability of current practice - that they work directly for the companies that pay them - relies on strong professional ethics, and the enf...

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The pursuit of virtue Original Article The Corruption Prevention Network conference yesterday was a buzz. And what an interesting concept - a group of academics and bureaucrats in NSW State and local government with an anti-corruption mission form a voluntary association to spread the word. Committee members include people from State Forests, the NSW Audit office, shire councils and the education and health dep...

9th Sep 2002

What are ethics and what is ethical behaviour? Original Article I'm giving a speech to a conference called Ethics overboard: No apologies put on by the Corruption Prevention Network in Sydney on Thursday, and it would be great to get your ideas on what this thing called ethics means to and for you. I'm particularly interested in examples of when you felt you had an ethical dilemma, what it was, and how you processed ...