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Corruption Prevention Network of NSW

CPN (Our roots)


The Corruption Prevention Network of NSW (CPN) came into being in 1994 when practitioners together with officers from the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) and Audit Office began meeting to consider how best to address systemic issues repeatedly exposed in internal and external investigations.

Since that time we have evolved into what we are today, a Limited Company  operating through an organising committee of elected volunteers. Presently there are six Directors plus CPN Members who make up the CPN Council.

 (Who we are)

((Chair: Philip Brown

Vice Chair: Lindsay Mar

A/Secretary: Rosemarie Honore’

Treasurer: Andy Chen

Director: Terry Terkel

Director: Michael Rhodes

Director: Lalith De Silva

Director: Vacant * (See New below)

 (What we do)


 Our primary purpose is to support anti-fraud and corruption practitioners throughout the state of NSW, to better understand the current issues and techniques in today’s market place and bridge the gap between public and private sectors by highlighting risks that span both industries.


(What we offer)


We interact with practitioners and members in a number of ways, but all for the same purpose, to raise awareness in skill, capability and to inform on current and emerging fraud and corruption risks.

So if you’d like to subscribe to our membership this is what we offer you,

  • Free attendance at our face to face seminars, conducted monthly for our subscribership to attend.
  • We also have links to a great many research documents and material sourced from agencies,
  • Regular communications to our membership through our website, and
  • An invitation to attend our annual forum, (usually held in September) which is open to all members and practitioners to attend for a smaller than average fee.

We are very proud of our yearly forum and like to think it is a one-day cost effective event that delivers value for money. We try to cater for all levels of experience, with presentations ranging from the latest prevention, detection and response techniques together with some of the more prevalent risks and issues within the market place today. It will also provide you with different perspectives and insights to make you more effective in the preventive work that you do.


(What we’ll offer the future?)


We are looking to expand our offering in the future to members by providing video conferencing capability to our monthly seminars and our annual forum. That way we can reach a far greater audience outside of Sydney and has been a popular request of our subscribership in the past. However this capability is very expensive and consequently we may start with a much reduced service being just the forum, so watch this space, we’ll keep you informed how we are going.


(How are we funded?)


The CPN converts all profit made at our annual forum and its sponsorships back into its work into supporting members with better resources and tools to prevent corruption, by supporting us, you help us to better service the community in preventing corruption.


(If you’d like to get involved)


If you are interested in learning further about the Corruption Prevention Network, wish to become a sponsor of our events or to get involved as a member of the Executive as a Director, contact us at: www.corruptionprevention.net or info@corruptionprevention.net 

**NEW **

Position: Board Director

Location: Sydney

Type: Volunteer/Non-paid

Closing Date: 14 June 2024 (endorsed at AGM)

Position Overview

We are seeking passionate, committed, and strategic individuals to join our Board of Directors. As a Board Director, you will play a crucial role in guiding the organisation, shaping our strategic direction, and ensuring that we fulfil our mission effectively.

Key Responsibilities

  • Governance and Oversight:Provide governance oversight to ensure the organisation’s integrity, sustainability, and alignment with our mission.
  • Strategic Planning:Contribute to the development and implementation of strategic plans and initiatives.
  • Fundraising and Resource Development:Support and participate in fundraising activities to ensure the financial health and sustainability of our organisation. 
  • Advocacy and Outreach:Act as an ambassador for CPN, promoting our mission and values within your network and to the broader community.
  • Meeting Participation:Attend and actively participate in regular board meetings, committee meetings, seminars and special events.
  • Financial Oversight:Assist in overseeing the organisation’s financial performance and ensuring proper financial controls are in place.


  • Passion for Corruption Prevention:A strong commitment to the mission of preventing corruption, fraud and promoting ethical practices.
  • Professional Expertise:Experience in fields such as law, finance, compliance, governance, non-profit management, marketing, ethics or a related area.
  • Leadership Skills:Proven leadership experience, preferably in a non-profit, board or committee setting.
  • Collaborative Spirit:Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work effectively within a team.
  • Integrity and Ethics:High ethical standards and a commitment to integrity.


  • Term Length:Board directors serve a term of 3 years, with the option of renewal.
  • Time Commitment:Approximately 3-10 hours per month on volunteer basis, including board meetings, committee work, and event participation.

The Corruption Prevention Network is committed to diversity and inclusion and encourages individuals from all backgrounds to apply. Minimising corruption in NSW across the private, public, and non-profit sectors would result in enhanced public trust, increased economic efficiency, a fairer, more transparent governance system, and ultimately, a happier society.

We thank all applicants for their interest in serving on our board.

Interested candidates are invited to submit a resume, cover letter, and CV to:

The Secretary, CPN
Email: info@CorruptionPrevention.net




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