Corruption Prevention Network - Discussion Groups

Note to Members

The CPN is a network of individuals who are willing to learn from one another, and to share knowledge in fraud and corruption prevention areas.
We endeavour to raise awareness of the issues and help others navigate where to obtain assistance when there are problems/issues to be addressed.

The CPN is about educating participants and it is not a lobbying group.

Last year we provided a survey questionnaire to help the CPN with engaging with our subscribers. The survey results showed that subscribers were interested in becoming more involved. The results of the survey showed that subscribers were wanting to know more about a range of topics associated with corruption prevention. Following the results of the survey, we sent out a proposal to hold initially two pilot moderated roundtable discussion groups and form a couple of discussion panels. So that everyone has an opportunity to contribute each panel is restricted up to twelve participants. These two groups one on a Wednesday and one on Friday lunchtime have met during last year and the discussions were interesting on a variety of topics including whistle blowing and workplace culture and recently on cyber security ethics.

If you are interested in becoming part of a new group or joining an existing group depending on your interests, as a way forward we may just hold the discussion group on a specific topic so that those interested only in that topic would attend. If so, please forward to the the following details:

  • Your contact details (name, and area you are working in)
  • Your ‘interest’ topics; and
  • Whether Wed or Fridays (it will be 12:30 pm -13:30 pm), and you will be placed on the waiting list.

Note the meetings are not every week but dependent on interest, on a monthly or 3 weekly basis.


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