Forum 2022

Rebuilding Trust – Trust is an essential component of a strong personal or business relationship, but it doesn’t happen quickly and once broken it is hard to rebuild and can negatively impact the organisation.

Without trust, people give up on relationships and leave organisations, cynicism reigns, progress grinds to a halt, and self-interest trumps the common good,” states Ken Blanchard, co-author of The One Minute Manager and Trust Works! “But, in a trusting environment, people feel free to move faster, risk more, and give it their all. Creativity flourishes, productivity rises, barriers are overcome, and relationships deepen.”

The loss of trust can happen through miscommunications or  misunderstandings or a deliberate act and once trust is broken it can affect choices thus increasing the risk of corrupt conduct and fraudulent activity within the organisation.

But trust can be rebuilt and our speakers will discuss ways that trust has been rebuilt  in a practical manner giving delegates tools to help rebuild  trust in their organisations.

Date & Time:

Tuesday, 6th September 2022 from 8.30am – 4.30pm

Networking drinks will conclude the day from 4.30-5.30pm


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COVID19 protocols will be adhered to on the day.


Why you should attend the Corruption Prevention Network 2022 Forum?

Who will attend?

The Corruption Prevention Network’s Rebuilding Trust 2022 one day forum will provide practitioners with insights and best practices by industry’s top experts through keynotes, panel discussions and interactive sessions.  Attending the one-day Forum will enable you to network with others to help you better understand, identify, manage and prepare to meet emerging challenges.

An interactive format of plenary sessions and discussion panel and the opportunity to network with other expert practitioners is a must for all organisations in the current business environment.

The diverse nature of our audience enables a variety of perspectives and subjects for discussion. Most importantly, our forum helps to promote awareness of fraud and corrupt conduct issues in the community.


After a lengthy layoff from in-person events we are very excited to have an opportunity to meet and gather as a community once again.  During the day you will be able to chat to colleagues or make new connections over coffee, at lunch and at the end of day drinks.   A great way to learn, listen and participate in good company over this one-day event.