2020 Education & Seminar Series



Webinar – The importance of Government Data in Corruption Prevention

The value of government data has never been more relevant than during the current worldwide pandemic. This presentation will discuss how government data can contribute to the advancement of the corruption prevention space and how the NSW Data Analytics Centre plays a role in fostering transparency and a strong data governance culture within government.

Dr Tony Bertoia is a Principal Policy Officer in the NSW Data Analytics Centre within the NSW Department of Customer Service. Tony leads the Policy and Strategy program and is responsible for developing whole-of-government policies and guidelines relating to information management, data governance, open data and data sharing.

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Topic: Financial Crime – what has changed since COVID-19

The global pandemic hit the globe in a dramatic way on two fronts – health and financial. Now we see the social impacts emerging. For business to survive and public sector agencies to thrive in these turbulent times it is important, more than ever, to have a financial crime strategy in place. During this session, we will examine what has changed and what strategy, tools and techniques should be employed to navigate these uncertain times.

Adam Simms is a NSW Solicitor and Partner at BDO Forensic. Adam provides investigation, risk management and advisory services to the private and public sector. He specialises in matters related to financial crimes and other misconduct including corruption, fraud, money laundering, terrorism financing, misappropriation of assets, and workplace investigations.

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Webinar:  Proposed revisions to the Australian Standard on Fraud and Corruption Control (AS 8001-2008)

Anyone whose job involves preventing, detecting or investigation fraud and corruption, will be familiar with AS 8001-2008, the Australian Standard on Fraud and Corruption Control. The standard was last issued in 2008 and recently Standards Australia has decided that, in light or numerous developments in the field, it should be reviewed and reissued. A draft of the revised standard is now available for public comment. 

Dean Newlan, Director, McGrathNicol
Dean is a forensic specialist with more than 30 years of experience. He specialises in investigations into major corporate collapses and workplace fraud and misconduct in business, quantification of loss in commercial disputes, complex funds tracing and fraud and misconduct control.

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Webinar:  Supplier Due Diligence

How well does your organisation know its suppliers? Does a supplier pose an unacceptable corruption risk? Is it even able to complete the work awarded to it? Come join us for a discussion on supplier due diligence.

A panel of public and private sector experts will discuss why supplier due diligence can help manage corruption risks and improve procurement outcomes, and provide insights on how to implement a robust supplier due diligence regime.

Panel members

  • Mr. Mark Chazan – Director, eftsure
  • Ms. Jenny Cornish – Associate Director-Procurement Operations, Group Rail
  • Ms. Margaret Sutherland – Senior Corruption Prevention Officer, NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption

Moderator – Benjamin Marx,  Principal Officer Corruption Prevention, NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption


Webinar:  Incident Response  – How to prepare and respond to a cyber data breach and information theft incident?

The global incidence of cyber attacks is increasing exponentially with businesses and organisations in Australian regularly being targeted by a range of domestic and international threat actors. Since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic and the requirement for significant remote working, systems and data are exposed to greater risk of unauthorised access events. 

This session will focus on the risks, planning processes and response to cyber events that lead to the breach and theft of data and the resultant recovery and reporting requirements. The session seeks to provide practical guidance to internal responders, auditors, management and IT professionals to assist in the preparation for and response to incidents affecting networks, systems and information. 

Speaker Profile – Jason Plumridge, Managing Consultant – Security Advisory, Pure Security (CIO & Director of CPN)

Jason is the Managing Consultant, Security Advisory responsible for Governance Risk and Compliance for NSW and QLD with Pure Security. Pure Security is the largest Cyber Security company listed on the ASX. Jason has a wealth of experience from his time as a NSW Police Officer involved in Computer Forensics and Investigation before working in professional services with Ernst & Young, BDO and Certitude Technology Risk Services and his own company Vestinex Pty Ltd focussing on IT Governance and Risk Management and Fraud prevention services. 

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Webinar:  Conflicts of Interest

Most employees, directors and public servants are required to take reasonable steps to avoid real or apparent conflicts of interests. But what does that mean?  What is a conflict of interests?  Must such conflicts be avoided or are there generally options available to manage them?

This session will focus on:-

  • What the term refers to, including the different types of conflicts;
  • Whether there are legal implications of having a conflict of interests;
  • Options for managing the different types of conflicts;
  • Implementation in the “grey areas”;
  • The human factors that impact on whether people – Recognise they have a conflict, and are prepared to disclose a conflict.
  • Obligations to disclose vs rights to privacy.

Speaker Profile – Chris Wheeler

Chris Is a solicitor and town planner who has worked in State and local government agencies in Victoria and NSW. He was Deputy NSW Ombudsman for 25 years to 5 Ombudsman. 

Since July last year Chris has been working as a:

  • Consultant focussing on:
  • Whistle blower management and advice,
  • Complaint management, advice and investigations (including the management of unreasonable conduct), and
  • Training and presentations on the handling of complaints, the management of public interests, disclosures and administrative law for non-lawyers exercising discretionary powers,
  • Commissioner on the Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission (part time), and
  • Specialist Adviser, Ethical Conduct with Centium


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Webinar:  Risks of Working from Home or Remotely

During the COVID-19 pandemic working from home, or remotely, has become the “norm” for many workers.  Using media such as Zoom, Skype, etc and unsecured computers can have cyber threat implications.

Minimising physical, cyber, and other risks at a worker’s home may be different to what employers implement at the usual workplace.

Employers need to address :-

  • communication frequency and type between the employer and worker;
  • cyber threats;
  • management of the work program, workload, activities and working hours;
  • the surrounding work environment;
  • work practices and physical activity;
  • mental health and wellbeing of the worker;
  • other responsibilities the worker may have such as facilitating online learning for children or a caring role; and
  • what if a worker contracts COVID-19 while working remotely?

Workers also have obligations to minimise risks when working from home.  What are these?

A panel will discuss how we can address these issues.

Speakers – Paul Cullen (CPN Chair), Lewis Ragnott (ICAC), Jason Plumridge (CPN CIO & Pure Security) , Adam Simms (BDO)

Moderator – Benjamin Marx,  Principal Officer Corruption Prevention, NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption



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There will be no seminar in December. The Directors of the Corruption Prevention Network would like to wish all our members and subscribers a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year for 2021. We look forward to the return of our seminar series in 2021 commencing in February.