2022 Education & Seminar Series


Understanding the range of potential procurement-related corrupt conduct

Wednesday, 9 March 2022 12.30-1.30pm

Session Speaker

Dr Benjamin Marx, Principal Officer Corruption Prevention, NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption


Benjamin Marx commenced in ICAC’s Corruption Prevention division in 2006. He has managed or led many ICAC corruption prevention projects, including those on employment screening, invoice payment controls, IT contractors and NGO-delivered human services. Dr Marx has also performed or managed corruption prevention analysis on over a dozen ICAC investigations and has led many internal analyses of ICAC complaint data. He recently returned to ICAC from an 18-month secondment to Transport for NSW where he was responsible for TfNSW’s corruption prevention program. Prior to working at ICAC, he completed a PhD in Psychology at the University of Sydney that explored some of the cognitive and attitudinal elements of moral reasoning, having previously conducted research on relative risk judgements.

Description of Session

Procurement is well known to carry marked corruption risk. However, efforts to control corruption risk in procurement often fall short because of a limited understanding of the range of potential corrupt conduct that might occur. This presentation explores a framework that provides a broad picture of what corrupt conduct might occur in a procurement context, using examples from ICAC investigations to bring it to life.

Applying this framework in your corruption control efforts can help ensure that corruption risks associated with procurement are sufficiently managed.







Slavery – the lesser known form of corruption

Date / Time: Wednesday 20th April 2022   12.30-1.30pm


Professor Jennifer Burn

Director of Anti-Slavery Australia | Faculty of Law | University of Technology Sydney 

Jennifer Burn is the director of Anti-Slavery Australia at the University of Technology Sydney. She is nationally recognised as a thought leader in the field of human trafficking, slavery and slavery-like practices, particularly for her work on the prevention of all forms of modern slavery, and her focus on victim support and remediation. Through her research, advocacy and practice she has pursued legislative amendments and policy developments to promote best practice responses for the prevention of modern slavery and to ensure survivors of modern slavery have access to the protection and support they need.

Description of Session:

Professor Jennifer Burn will outline the global and Australian prevalence of modern slavery, explain what modern slavery is and the indicators of it. She will show how corruption can be linked to modern slavery and address prevention challenges.






Maximising the impact of your corruption prevention education program.

Wednesday, 18 May 2022 12.30 – 1.30pm

Session Speaker:

Adam Shapiro, Senior Corruption Prevention Officer (Training)


Adam Shapiro has been employed as the Senior Corruption Prevention Officer (Training) in the Corruption Prevention Division at the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption since June 2008. Adam is an adult educator with over 30 years of experience. His background includes both public and private sector employment in roles such as subject matter expert, senior instructional designer and content editor, project manager, business development manager and chief operating officer. His corruption prevention experience includes workshop facilitation, delivering presentations, developing training and corruption prevention resources and providing advice across the NSW public sector. He has also contributed to investigations, research projects and publications. Adam has played a significant role in developing the Division’s approach to corruption prevention which he has incorporated into the ICAC’s training resources.

Description of Session.

In this webinar, Adam Shapiro, Senior Corruption Prevention Officer (Training) at the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption will draw on the Commission’s experience in providing corruption prevention education as well various research perspectives to consider a number of questions. These include: What is the best approach to CP education? How do we get better outcomes from our CP training? Who should we target? What activities work well with different groups? How do we know if our educational efforts are having the desired effect?



Cybersecurity and digital information management within the New South Wales Government

Date : Wednesday 15th  June 2022

Time: 12:30pm -1:30pm

Venue: Sydny Mechanics School of Arts, Level 1, 280 Pitt Street Sydney & Online


The presentation will focus on the state of Cyber Security in the NSW Government. It is a little over six months since the release of the NSW Government’s response to the Upper House enquiry in Cyber Security in the NSW Government. John Frisken and Milton Baar, were called as witnesses to the Upper House enquiry in Cyber Security in the NSW Government.

You will hear about the results of the enquiry and Government response as well as some of the recent and planned changes in Cyber Security standards and the impact on security programmes due to the new Critical Infrastructure Bill.

Take aways will include ‘war stories’, implementation advice and current thinking about Cyber Security Management.


John Frisken, Director, Professional Services, Co-founder  of ISG @Information Systems Group          

John is an application development control specialist and leads ISG’s practice and projects across major security and technology projects. He is a recognised industry leader in the areas of cyber security, application security, and operating technology. He has managed large scale technology integration projects for many government departments including Transport NSW. John is a Certified Information Systems Auditor with ISACA and a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants.


Milton Baar, Cyber Security Director, Co-Founder of ISG @Information Systems Group                        

Milton is the co-founder of ISG, and likes to describes himself as the resident bottle washer and trouble maker. As ISG’s Cyber Security Director, Milton has had a key role in the development and success of ISG. Milton’s passions are Irish Dancing, Photography and four-wheel driving. As official photographer for Irish Dancing Australia, he does not get much time for dancing these days, but gets very involved in his other two passions as he carts his video and camera equipment all over Australia in his Mercedes 4WD.





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