Members Child Page

Welcome to Corruption Prevention Network Members Only Child Page

A user with “Members” membership only can view this page and any other page  created under the Parent page “members”

When creating other “Members” pages ensure you place them under the Parent page “members”  to ensure they stay protected for “Members”  viewing only.

To create a new “members”  page   :

  1. Create a page
  2. Use Divi
  3. Select Load Template
  4. Select saved templates
  5. Select “Pages – Sub Pages Members only (this will be the same template as this one)
  6. You can then add to this page but you MUST SAVE THIS PAGE UNDER PARENT – MEMBERS
  7. Add the page to the Members Menu by – Appearances – Menu – Members Menu add page and save  – This will automatically add this to the Members only menu.

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